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Attentive is the developer of a personalized mobile messaging platform

Company description

Attentive is the developer of a personalized mobile messaging platform designed to help brands and organizations interact with customers. The company’s platform leverages behavioral customer data to help brands automatically send personalized mobile messages throughout the customer’s lifecycle, from product recommendations to payments and real-time customer service.

The Attentive platform enables e-commerce and retail businesses to connect with shoppers through a new way of messaging. More than 4,000 leading companies such as CB2, Michaels, Pura Vida, Rebecca Minkoff, Steve Madden and others use the Attentive platform, thanks to its high performance indicators and reach of over 200 million consumers. The company currently employs 1,000 people and is focused on building the most powerful platform that will help innovative brands rethink the way they interact with their mobile audience.

Growth drivers

Attentive is one of the fastest growing companies in North America. The company was ranked 3rd in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500TM ranking. The company’s revenue increased by 49,155% from 2017 to 2020.

Target market growth due to potential advertisers. New privacy settings in Apple products running iOS 14.5 increase the level of consumer privacy. Thus, the effectiveness of Internet advertising decreases and the effectiveness of contextual advertising increases. The Attentive platform offers effective solutions for promoting sales, as the click-through rate is over 30%.

An innovative platform that proves high sales performance. Attentive has been named the most comprehensive text messaging marketing solution by Forbes. The company was included in the Forbes 2021 Cloud 100 rating.

Partnership with BigCommerce expands business opportunities. Attentive, has announced a partnership with BigCommerce SMS-first, which gives the company access to over 60,000 BigCommerce customers. In addition, new partner customers can easily use the Attentive tag through the BigCommerce extension.


Starting in February 2018, Accenture was able to raise $ 866 million in five investment rounds. During the last investment round in March 2021, the company raised $ 470 million and was valued at $ 6.9 billion. According to Forge, the last deals on OTC with Attentive shares were made with an estimate of $ 11.2 billion. The company’s revenue at the end of 2020 was $ 4.5 billion. It is expected that by the end of 2021 the figure will increase to 12 billion. Taking into account the threefold growth in revenue, we believe that the fair value of Attentive at the end of the year is at the level of $ 18-20 billion. The company may go public in 2022.


The slowdown in economic growth will put pressure on the purchasing power of the population.

Decreased shopping activity due to new outbreaks of coronavirus infection.

Increased competition in the advertising market, including from Internet platforms.

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