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2023-03-28 12:33:54

Generative artificial intelligence update: Announcement from META, SNAP, AMZN, ET

One of the most discussed trends in a wide technological space remains generative AI, which affects literally all industries. Recently, META, SNAP and AWS (AMZN) have introduced a number of initiatives related to this technology.





1. META announced the creation of a group working on AI tools: In his blog 2/27, Mark Zuckerberg said that the company has created a new group that will manage various projects in the field of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI). The CEO introduced this group "focused on creating a delightful experience" for all of the company's products, noting that META would combine several teams into one group. She will work in the near term to "create creative and expressive tools," which confirms that AI will affect the acceleration of content creation, in particular in the field of social media and the work of advertising agencies. In particular, META mentioned applications for working with text, images and video/multimodal data, and also announced plans to develop "personal AI."

The 2/27 META blog post followed the 2/24 META announcement - they will openly publish their large LLaMA language model for company-related researchers (the LLaMA model is smaller enough than other LLMs and is designed to further implement access to larger language models, requiring less processing power for testing).

2. SNAP Launches Gen AI Chat Bot as Part of Paid Subscription: SNAP has announced a 2/27 AI-based chatbot feature called "My AI," operated by OpenAI's ChatGPT, available from this week to Snapchat + subscribers. SNAP, in its blog, cites many types of content that can be created using a chatbot, including gift ideas, travel planning, recipes and poetry. At the same time, SNAP notes that the function is "experimental" and may have errors, although the company also said that the robot was trained to avoid harmful content. SNAP management subsequently plans to implement this feature more widely for all its users.

3. AWS begins a generative AI collaboration with Hugging Face: As noted in the AWS blog, the goal of the collaboration is to "accelerate learning, fine-tune and deploy the large models of language and vision used to build Gen AI applications," as well as optimize and reduce costs. AWS cited a number of examples of the use of Gen AI. For example, Alexa already uses AI in conversations with customers "billions of times" a week. Meanwhile, Amazon (AMZN, Outperform, $92.17) is using large language model training to improve search results on its online retailer website. Finally, the company mentioned machine learning innovations that are widely applied in AWS. The AWS blog says Hugging Face customers will now be able to use AWStools to deploy Hugging Face ML models (for Gen AI apps) to optimize performance and reduce costs. The collaboration will result in significant savings in training costs compared to other comparable GPU instances.

4. GOOG is preparing AI products for wide areas of its business: In early February, GOOG revealed its new AI chatbot, the "Bard." It is currently open to testers and will be more widely available to the public "in the coming weeks." Soon, the Bard will also be included in Google's search. This chatbot, which is based on the GOOG LaMDA neural language model, will answer questions and requests from users in a natural, humanoid form. Microsoft 2/7 reported that ChatGPT would be fully integrated into Bing's search, and began distributing the Gen AI-integrated version in limited view. The event is the first fruits of MSFT's partnership with Open AI, which plans to integrate AI-based features into consumer and enterprise products. MSFT's multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI was announced on January 23 and was the third deal between the two companies, following investments in 2019 and 2021.

Improving OpenAI Products and Partnerships: In its blog from 3/1, OpenAI shared the successes that were achieved in the development of the ChatGPT platform. Optimization efforts have reportedly helped reduce the cost of a single interaction for ChatGPT by 90% compared to December 22 levels, which we consider an impressive increase in efficiency in just a few months. OpenAI also talked about some of the companies that implemented ChatGPT and the Whisper API. Among these partners are SNAP (as mentioned earlier), Quizlet, Instacart, Shopify and Speak, they use the platform to create customized chatbots, AI mentors able to adapt to the needs of students, lunch recipes, personal shopping assistants, and AI-driven speaking companions to learn a new language.

Yahoo's Jim Lanzone discusses AI at Taboola Investor Day: Yahoo CEO Jim Lanzone discussed generative AI and noted that geneAI would "kill the search"; in contrast, about 5-10% of searches are questions applicable to ChatGPT-style interactive AI responses. For analogy, he noted that the questions applicable to Wikipedia format responses account for about 3-5% of search queries, and suggested that this is the starting point for the types of queries that are best suited for generative AI.

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