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2021-09-16 11:34:24

Luxury Goes Digital

We’re highlighting Farfetch because we focus on the fast-growing online luxury goods market. The company operates a leading platform connecting luxury brands and boutiques. The global luxury goods market is undergoing a structural shift towards digitalization and we believe that Farfetch will be the main beneficiary of the $ 300 billion market transformation. The company’s management predicts revenue growth of an average of 16% per year over the next ten years, primarily due to growth demand from China and other emerging markets.





Farfetch’s key competitive advantages include unique relationships with leading luxury brands, customer acquisition and retention, and leadership in software that supports the retail of luxury goods in both digital and physical sales channels. We also like the broad geographic diversification of the company’s operations. We believe Farfetch’s ability to scale and deliver seamless customer service across geographies should drive profitability and margins over the long term. We also note the popularity of Fulfillment by Farfetch and Media Solutions, which are being used by more and more brands. The services should drive the growing popularity of the Farfetch platform, leading to higher revenue growth.

Farfetch is the leading technology platform for the global luxury fashion industry. Farfetch Marketplace, which generates ~70% of the firm’s overall revenue, is the world’s largest online marketplace for luxury goods, connecting >1MM consumers with 600+ boutique retailers and 1,200 luxury brands from around the world. Beyond its platform, Farfetch also offers white label e-Commerce solutions ranging from stocking software to full service solutions for global brands. The company has also developed in-store technologies designed to integrate the offline and online shopping experience.

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