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2021-09-16 11:34:24

Southwest Airlines Returns to Profits in Q2

Southwest Airlines recorded net income of $ 348 million, or $ 0.57 per share, in the second quarter of 2021, thanks to a one-off payment of $ 724 million received under the government’s anti-crisis employment program. A year earlier, Southwest Airlines had a net loss of $ 915 million, or $ 1.63 per share. The loss excluding one-off factors in April-June amounted to $ 206 million, or $ 0.35 per share. Market consensus assumed a loss of $ 0.23 per share. Southwest is the largest local airline in the United States and is considered by many to be the industry’s pricing trendsetter. We maintain a positive outlook on the company’s business.





Southwest Airlines’ quarterly revenues were $ 4 billion, quadrupled from the second quarter of last year, which was the peak of quarantine measures imposed worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to the second quarter of 2019, revenue in April-June of this year was 32.2% lower. The market consensus forecast for Southwest Airlines’ revenue was $ 3.939 billion.

Southwest Airlines had 82.9% flight load in the second quarter, up from 31.4% a year earlier. The company’s management notes that Q2 2021 was an important milestone in business recovery after the coronavirus pandemic, as the demand for tourist travel increased. In June, Southwest Airlines reached profitable levels for the first time since the pandemic began with no incentive programs. The rapid recovery in demand for air travel is creating challenges for airlines, requiring them to step up operations and return to work. Southwest Airlines plans to withdraw the vast majority of its employees from voluntary vacations by the end of Q3 2021. We see long-term potential to recover the company’s operational detail and recommend the issuer stock.

Southwest Airlines, a Dallas-based company, differentiates itself from other carriers with exemplary customer service delivered by more than 55,000 employees to more than 100MMcustomers annually. Southwest is the nation’s largest carrier in terms of originating domestic passengers.

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