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7 Best wealth management platforms

X Best wealth management platforms to harness the innovation

The Wealth Management Platform is a one-stop platform for advisors. It provides a truly comprehensive overview of client assets, financial goal planning and portfolio management capabilities. The platform provides comprehensive alerts, RM and KPIs at the network level. It provides full MiFID II compliance, risk profiling and target market validation, and is an industry-leading pre-costing system. The system is built around a workflow approach to help with in-person or remote customer meetings. The system is based on full investment management (discretionary/advisory) and brokerage coverage.

The Wealth Management Platform helps bank clients make sure their financial investments are safe, resulting in increased engagement and willingness to invest. The platform can help meet growing demand as well as reduce administrative efforts and costs.

Here are the top 10 digital wealth management platforms:

1. Third Financial

Third Financial is a digital wealth management platform. The company specializes in three main areas – outsourcing operations to wealth managers, providing financial advisory services and portfolio management tools for fintech. Third Financial ensures a smooth customer onboarding and ensures you get the best service at the best price.

2. Objectway

Objectway is a digital wealth management platform. Objectway’s platform improves customer engagement and significantly improves your front office productivity by streamlining back office operations. Objectway has a wide range of services – it acts as an expert in private, custody and retail banking, offering wealth and asset management as well as investments.

3. Addepar

Addepar is one of the best state management platforms. It features continuous data management, unlimited scalability and a personalized customer-centric approach. With several of the most compelling features on the market, Addepar has become a target for integration, investment advisors, private banks and brokers. This platform helps to significantly optimize the management of digital assets and facilitates the analysis of financial health through the preparation of specialized reports.

4. T-REX

T-REX is one of the leading wealth management platforms that aims to push the boundaries of financial services to meet the demands of complex markets. T-REX focuses on non-traditional, riskier markets. T-REX uses digitization of data, process automation and workflows. On top of all this, T-REX advertises itself as a specialist in analyzing the entire investment lifecycle. In addition, the platform is sought after for its risk mitigation, transaction efficiency and analytical tools.

5. Clearfunds

Clearfunds is about accurate data analytics and helping to automate processes at minimal cost. In order to attract the mass user to investing, the company has an investment advisory service based on artificial intelligence – Smart Portfolio.

6. Corfinancial

Corfinancial helps global companies and individuals solve wealth integration problems. The company develops its research and development to prevent upcoming market trends. Its services can be divided into 3 categories – product solutions, marketplace and remote financial management.

7. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free online wealth management platform that allows you to view all your accounts in one place. A powerful dashboard gives you insight into your entire financial picture.

A wealth management platform is essentially a way for you to easily manage your state or your client’s state. You can choose the ideal wealth management platform that appeals to you most in terms of the interface and the features it provides.

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