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CRMs for investment banking

Customer relationship management (CRM) software supports banks in implementing customer-centric strategies to create value-added marketing campaigns, increase sales and provide high-quality customer service.

Choosing the best CRM specifically for investment banking

Investment banking is in one of the most lucrative areas of the financial industry. Of course, it takes a solid business model and sound operational management to stay ahead of the competition. The ideal solution for this category is a CRM that provides financial information with customer engagement and segmentation capabilities.

Here are the products to choose the best CRM for investment banking:

1. Salesforce

Salesforce may not be the easiest solution to implement, but its wide range of components makes it the most adaptable to the needs of financial advisors. In addition, Salesforce is one of the few CRM solutions equipped with artificial intelligence to analyze data, predict sales trends and make workflow-driven recommendations.

Main options for the bank:

  • Industry Services: Salesforce provides customized CRM services for every business, no matter what niche or size. The platform is feature-rich and allows every industry to benefit from a wide range of tools. Users can choose their business area to get service recommendations or customize their own CRM plan.
  • Salesforce Sustainable Cloud: Salesforce allows you to collect all of your business data on a single platform, making it easy to accurately analyze your carbon footprint. In today’s era, when environmental awareness is more important than ever, the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud allows you to create a detailed plan to limit your carbon footprint and produce a detailed report for energy regulators.
  • Slack Collaboration: Salesforce recently acquired Slack, and users can now connect both platforms for secure collaboration and cooperation. Slack has a unique interface where users can create separate work programs for each task and use automated responses to keep customers engaged until you assign a customer representative.

2. SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a user-friendly platform based on open source technologies such as JavaScript and PHP for mobile computing solutions. With it, companies can work more efficiently, improve professional relationships and ensure integration with the entire customer lifecycle. SugarCRM provides cloud portability, whereby data can be seamlessly switched between public and private clouds – depending on current market conditions.

Main options for the bank:

  • Sugar Market: SugarCRM is a versatile marketing automation tool that automatically prioritizes inbound leads based on customer engagement. It also recognizes repetitive tasks and avoids them to ensure you get the most work done: in the least amount of time.
  • Revenue Generation: SugarCRM allows you to generate revenue for each marketing strategy, allowing you to know what your funds are being spent on and whether they are producing the results you want.
  • Integration with Google Ads: With Google Ads management tools in Sugar Market, users can create effective campaigns to reach new customers while maintaining control over existing ones.

3. TeamLeader

TeamLeader is a versatile software that will give you the ability to easily simplify your activities. In the main menu you will find all the tasks, meetings and calls that you have to keep track of on a daily basis so that you can develop relationships with your clients and with potential clients. In addition, the software has processes to simplify and automate all possible processes.

Main options for the bank:

  • Project planning: Teamleader is a guarantee that your project colleagues and clients will be aware of all the latest developments. To avoid missing deadlines, you can directly share progress information with your client using Teamleader Orbit. It also automatically copies the creation date, quote and expected lead time from the accepted proposal, so you don’t miss important elements.
  • Scheduling: As a project manager, you have the ability to view the schedule of all available employees, check who has not yet received a project, and allocate tasks accordingly for quick completion. In addition, you can see how much manpower should be allocated to a project, thus avoiding overworking your employees.
  • Work time tracking: Teamleader makes it easy for both employees and project managers to track their work time. If you start a task, move it to an agenda and Teamleader accurately calculates the time spent on the project. In order to ensure openness for both parties, you will receive invoices according to your working hours. Teamleader generates an invoice and accounts for both billable and non-billable hours.

Investment banking requires an established customer relationship and an advanced platform that evolves to meet the demands of your business. With CRM, you get a customizable technical solution to perform financial, marketing, recruiting and sales-related tasks from any workplace.

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