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2021-09-16 11:34:24

Fashion Trends in Sports Will Drive Business Growth

We have adjusted our second quarter earnings per share for lululemon athletica based on higher margin assumptions and see management slightly raising the forecast despite additional shipping costs in the second half and the risk of shipments from Vietnam. Our estimates remain above consensus for fiscal 2022, and lululemon athletica’s business is outperforming the targets presented in 2019, which could allow management to raise long-term goals to 2022.





We are confident that improved product lines, effective marketing and increased online sales opportunities, coupled with customer loyalty and sports fashion trends, will drive traffic, increase conversions and increase the competitiveness of lululemon athletica. The new Mirror, an online device and platform for training at home, can provide significant support to business in the long term. We are increasing our target share price from $ 441 to $ 476.

lululemon athletica inc. designs and retails premium athletic apparel and accessories for yoga, running and training. The brand mainly sells women’s wear, though also supports a growing men’s business. Lululemon leverages a vertical retail and digital strategy to design and sell its products and has developed several trademarked fabrics. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company operated 521 lululemon banner stores globally in 2020. Lululemon has inspired a devoted customer following through its community-based marketing and events, strong corporate culture, and unique in-store experience.

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